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We are a company information technology, especially software development. Our clients are regulated indutries, such as automotif, consumer product, digital media, entertainment, education, financial service, government, hospitality, insurance, logistic service, media, retail, sport, travel. Onbelabs have solution to increase productivity, solve clients organization problems and make work becomes easy without comptomising security, and make software application for desktop, android, windows pohne, blackberry, iOS technology accordance to clients needs.

Since 2014 we have been developing some products in all platform of Mobile Application, Web Application, E-Government, Information and Management System, etc. And of course we do some researches and IT Consulting and Training. We are always open to discuss about any opportunities and collaboration.

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Mobile Application

Mobile Application comes up for the new way to accelerate the business today. and our team will give you some solution to improve your market and value.



Build a web-based information systems and application. The code is designed as neat as possible and made so easier for future system development.



Embedded System or IOT is abreak through solution for maintaining & analyzing a large and distributed sytems.


Ecommerce Solution

Drive customer engagement and sales to deliver a digital commerce experience from discovery to order.



Place your audience at the heart of your business with media solutions.


Education and Research

Graduate to the next level of performance – with best-in-class software to help your higher education or research institution run better.

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A great solution comes from great idea, innovation and creativity to answer your business needs